Quorum Measurement - Why Trust FLOWCAL For Your Oil And Gas Measurement Processes Part 1

Why Trust FLOWCAL for Your Oil and Gas Measurement Processes – Part 1

ByJason Rigg

May 10, 2021

Quorum is incredibly humbled and honored to be carrying the hydrocarbon measurement torch with the industry-leading measurement software, FLOWCAL by Quorum Software. Our reputation has been built over 25 years with continued dedication and focus on oil, gas, and NGL measurement. As the industry forges ahead in a post-COVID world, Quorum continues to listen to our customers and the market to help guide the product’s future direction and help navigate the path ahead. While we love interacting with customers and talking “shop,” multiple decades of invaluable idea-sharing and customer-led initiatives propelled FLOWCAL to where it is today.

We remain dedicated to developing software that produces accurate measurement data and meets our customers’ needs. This is demonstrated by our commitment to our customer advisory board, which gives all users a voice in the product's future direction. The extensive work that recently went into the API development will allow FLOWCAL to integrate with TIPS seamlessly. The API development will allow for real-time communication between measurement and accounting and ensure complete accuracy as each molecule of product passes through your digital solution. In addition, the “Balance Explorer” screen, which was released in version 10.1, has made significant improvements in how our customers analyze and review balances for all products. This screen has provided valuable tools which allow users to catch critical errors efficiently and timely to minimize any financial impact.

As is always wise when looking to the future, we must look to the past. I firmly believe that studying history, both successes and failures creates a strong foundation for a successful future. So we have to look in the mirror and ask the question, “Why FLOWCAL?” Why does the industry trust FLOWCAL, and what is it that will continue to drive that trust for the next 25 years. I believe it boils down to four key points:

  1. Keeping Oil & Gas measurement excellence at the center of our roadmap
  2. Staying plugged in by listening to our customers and the industry
  3. Maintaining compliance with industry standards and governing agencies
  4. Providing a low-risk, proven software that helps simplify the complex world of measurement

During my time as a FLOWCAL customer, these four points were drivers for choosing FLOWCAL as our measurement solution. We knew we were part of a partnership with access to the best measurement software in the world, giving us the tools and confidence we needed to successfully run day-to-day operations. We produced accurate measurement results and minimized risk for the company and our customers.

Over the next few weeks, I will be diving into each of those four topics. And while we study our historical foundation, we would be foolish not to look to the future. So, until my next post, I will leave you a quote attributed to Charles Darwin that particularly apt. “It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the most responsive to change.”

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