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Oil & Gas Land Management Software

Stay lean, agile, and compliant with a scalable, modern solution for land management, On Demand Land software. Reduce risks, enhance decision-making processes, and increase visibility utilizing secure, auditable data integrated with tract, lease, and well interests.
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Flexible, Intuitive Land Management for Oil & Gas

Lower Costs with Safe and Secure Land Management

Simplify operations, reduce overhead, and scale for growth safely in the cloud, meeting SOC 2 Type 1 & Type 2 compliance. Seamless upgrades are delivered at no additional cost and with zero downtime — giving you the latest version, always.

Automate and Customize the Flow of Land Data

Ensure complete data autonomy, controlling data configuration and management through our innovative design. Excel with unlimited visibility for both C-suite executives and casual users through intuitive search, maps, and reports.

Transition Seamlessly from Legacy Systems to On Demand Land

Save time and avoid errors, streamline the cloud transition process with importer tools designed to transfer large volumes of data, documents, and maps from legacy land systems to your On Demand Land account, without interruption.

Optimize Your Land Workflows with Advanced Notification Tools

Expedite decision-making with our cutting-edge notification and communication processes. Save time and eliminate manual interventions with automatic email alerts and in-app calendar view to track lease provisions and obligations.

Meet Your Unique Business Needs with Best-in-Class Integrations

Unlock new workflows through native land payment integrations with On Demand Accounting. Access all data points by leveraging third party integrations and rely on a single source of truth for ownership stakes, well decks, obligations, payments, and more.

Flexible and Robust Land Reporting with Data Hub

Streamline sharing of insights with On Demand Data Hub that gives an organization unbridled access to data across seamlessly connected upstream applications, giving you the agility to make rapid, informed decisions and drive your business forward.

Accelerate Productivity with Rapid Adoption of Land Software

Streamline training and onboarding to provide long-term, enhanced productivity. Gain quick access and drive immediate results with mass data imports for small and large-scale acquisitions.

Unmatched Customer Support with Years of Oil & Gas Expertise

Experience best-in-class customer support and trust-based relationships with proactive solutions that consistently exceed NPS and CSAT benchmarks, year over year.


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On Demand Land Key Features

Optimize lease management and acquisition, obligation management, and right of way with custom forms and fields. Manage records for surface land, subsurface depths, and mineral ownership. Spot key contractual terms that impact daily operations on related tracts.

Leverage GIS mapping with rapid generation of in-app GIS map reports. Include layer designs based on custom fields for data visualization. 3D Tract Modeling accurately illuminates mineral estates — connecting title, lease records, division order, and decks.

Gain better insights through intuitive access to land data with keywords, universal search, and integrated document management stores linking documents to any form. This includes automatic OCRing upon document import or universal search.

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