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My Quorum Land

Enable enterprise integration, drive faster deployment, centralize your data and improve land department velocity with My Quorum Land, our purpose-built solution for modern land teams.

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Trusted Market Leader in Land Management Software

My Quorum Land streamlines land management with integrated features that provide robust functionality for lease acquisition, GIS mapping, lease management, and right of way.


North American Operators Have
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Largest Oil and Gas Companies in the
U.S. Rely on Quorum for Land


Agreements Managed Using My Quorum Land 


Lease Acquisition

Accelerate lease acquisitions while improving the accuracy of your data with web-based software for landmen and brokers.

GIS Mapping

See, analyze, and understand geospatial data with Esri® extensions that offer real-time insight into leasing and title activity.

Lease Management

Manage the entire lifecycle of your most important assets, from acquisition to disposition, and by specific depths and formations.

Right of Way

Stay on track with a single source for right of way management – easements, surface rights, permits, and more.

On Demand Land

Are you just getting started? Explore On Demand Land, cloud-based land management designed for small energy businesses.

Dynamic Docs

Accelerate productivity and efficiency with intelligent integration and search capabilities for all your documents.


Increase your overall workflow flexibility and configurability that can be easily managed without compromising performance and usability.


Leverage more out of the box, native Esri features for mapping and security, enhanced user experience with multithreading capabilities, and increased usability.

Benefits of My Quorum Land

Boost Operational Efficiency 

Reduce severe downtime using My Quorum Land by being able to carry out actions straight from the comprehensive dashboard.

Automate Your Processes

Work smarter and reduce manual work by automating your overall processes with sophisticated tools and functionality.

Find Data Immediately

Stop relying on reports for data - you can easily find any land data in seconds using powerful search capabilities.

Improve Data Accuracy

Trust the accuracy of your data with the ability to input data once and access it in multiple places as well as receive alerts when information is incomplete. 

Maximize ROI

Capitalize on your technology assets by investing once in a fully integrated solution that scales to meet your business needs.

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