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Oil & Gas Measurement Software Buyer’s Guide

The essential guide to ensure oil and gas data accuracy with the right hydrocarbon measurement solution

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Measurement System Evaluation

When making an investment as critical as oil and gas measurement, it’s important to understand how the offerings compare. We’ve prepared this guide to help you select the right measurement solution by showing how each system stacks up. This evaluation examines key criteria unique to hydrocarbon measurement and grouped into three high-level categories:

  • Measurement capabilities - Position on the vertical axis indicates the strength of the current offering. Key criteria includes data validations, analysis management, natural gas management, liquids management, workflow automation, system balancing, audit trail, and reporting.

  • Industry standards - Placement on the horizontal axis indicates the breadth of supported industry compliance and standards calculations. We evaluated measurement standards for API, AGA, GPA, and BLM.

  • Market presence - The size of the marker is based on the relative size of the provider’s customer base.

Competitor graph

Hydrocarbon Measurement Solution Scorecard

This scorecard shows the average of each system’s measurement capabilities and industry standards compliance rankings.

  FLOWCAL by Quorum Software European Multinational US-based Oilfield Services US-based Oil & Gas Consultant US-based Oil & Gas Software Canada-based Oilfield Services Hardware & Software Provider Spreadsheet Software
Company Description Global standard for measurement software that supports gas & liquids Multinational hardware/tech company with gas measurement & analysis software Multinational wellbore/production provider with metering software companion to SCADA Midstream consultant focused on liquids measurement & validation in N.A. Software company expanding into U.S. liquids measurement Oilfield services company with a solution for meter analysis & volumes in N.A. Energy hardware/software company that offers a gas metering solution Widely adopted office tool for spreadsheets
Measurement Capabilities 4.4 3.2 3.3 3.5 1.0 2.0 3.3 1.0
Industry Standards 5.0 2.7 1.9 3.4 1.0 1.2 2.0 0.0
  Measurement Capabilities Industry Standards
FLOWCAL by Quorum Software 4.4 5.0
European Multinational 3.2 2.7
US-based Oilfield Services 3.3 1.9
US-based Oil & Gas Consultant 3.5 3.4
US-based Oil & Gas Software 1.0 1.0
Canada-based Oilfield Services 2.0 1.2
Hardware & Software Provider 3.3 2.0
Spreadsheet Software 1.0 0.0

Scores are based on a scale of 0 (weak) to 5 (strong)

Evaluation Insights

This evaluation reveals insights as to how the measurement solutions support data accuracy; a critical component to any oil and gas business. As regulations tighten and the market remains in flux, data is scrutinized more than ever. Companies are placing a greater emphasis on volumetric and quality data, which must be 100% accurate. To choose the measurement software that ensures data accuracy, oil and gas professionals should look for:

End-to-end measurement functionality - The solution should automate the complete hydrocarbon measurement workflow with sophisticated data validation methods that result in an integrated and accurate view of all gas and liquids measurement points for correcting, balancing, and reporting data you can trust.

Breadth of industry standards and calculations - The solution should employ global and domestic measurement standards and calculations that meet audit, contractual, and regulatory compliance requirements for gas and liquids commodities.

Deep industry alignmentsThe solution should align with oil and gas measurement standards and best practices through continuous involvement with standards and regulatory organizations, customer advocacy groups, and through hydrocarbon measurement subject matter experts who develop and support the product.

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