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Well Data Management - Quorum

Well Data Management

Liberate and Centralize your many sources of Well data into a single trusted Well Master to drive critical business decisions and workflows throughout your organization. Leverage best-in-class technology and best practices from decades of industry experience to ensure your essential Well data is accurate and current today and throughout its entire life-cycle.

Well Data Management - Quorum Software

Unite Upstream Operations

Maximize the value of information and gain critical insights into your well operations with a single source of truth across the full well lifecycle.


Cost Savings Through Process Optimization


Savings on a Single Vendor Subscription


Implementation Success Rate


Trusted Data Manager

Manage proprietary, vendor, G&G, and technical data in a single platform to maintain a true system of record throughout the well lifecycle. Ensure confidence in your data with TDM.

IQ Exchange

Synchronize and transform well data between the well master and corporate applications used across the well lifecycle, including geoscience interpretation, for the most complete set of information available in all your critical applications.

IQ Insights

See all well-related data in one location, including data quality, with enhanced search, visualization, and insights. 


One Source of Trusted Data

Blend the most comprehensive and up-to-date vendor data available into a single source, delivering the same, consistent feed of the most trusted data available across the organization.

Achieve Immediate Gains in Productivity

Automate the capture, quality control, and management of multiple sources of technical data from across the full well lifecycle, and deliver the most trusted version to the business. 

Automate and Simplify Workflows

Streamline workflows by automating event-driven movement, and reduce risk by eliminating manual, error-prone processes from day one. 

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