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Reduce operating costs and de-risk your positions with eONE for gas and liquid trading and marketing.

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Adapt Quickly to Changing Market Dynamics with eONE

Adapt quickly to changing market dynamics with decision-ready data at your fingertips, from contracts and transactions to inventory and settlements.


Contract, Position, and Credit Management

Understand your cashflow, track real-time credit liability, and ensure contract compliance.

Settlement and Accounting

Streamline order to cash fast with integrated accounting workflows that accelerate the process and expedite close cycles.

Deal Capture

Efficient deal attribution with automated physical and financial deal capture and processing.

Inventory Management

Improve decisions surrounding supply/demand balancing, scheduling, and profitability with detailed inventory volume management.

Complex Price Calculations

Multi-level price configuration features with price formulas and tiers, contract overrides, and component level valuation. eONE features also include pricing on any quantity or attribute, and a custom scripting tool that supports user definition of any price calculation not covered by other price functions.

Benefits of eONE

Drive Efficiency

Automate all gas and liquids business activities from contracts to transactions, inventory, and settlement. eONE leverages integrated data for operational insight and better decisions.

Cost Savings

Save money and get time back by replacing multiple applications to support midstream operators, wholesale marketers, and distributors, generating a lower total cost of ownership and more capacity on your team.

Flexible Integration

Easily integrate with other Quorum Energy Suite solutions and third-party applications to support cross-functional activities, reduce complexity, and improve data analysis.

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