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Upstream Energy Management Solutions

Increase profitability and ensure operational compliance across your upstream business. Energy Components allows you to manage hydrocarbons, energy equivalents, and emissions across onshore and offshore operations.
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End-to-End Hydrocarbon Management

Gain Revenue with Less OPEX

Aid early intervention by quickly identifying well performance issues, enabling operators to take proactive actions for intervention operations.

Full Hydrocarbon Tracking

Collaborate effectively for production and reservoir engineers, and production accountants. Improve accuracy, profitability, and end-to-end hydrocarbon tracking.

Advanced Allocation Traceability

Maintain compliance for crucial regulatory and sustainability goals. Allocate production and sales quantities with precision. Ensure traceable, auditable data and reporting.

Streamline Operations with Automated Data Insights

Boost operational efficiency by automating the collection and validation of well and equipment data. From production engineers to control room operators - enable key personnel to make informed decisions based on reliable, up-to-date data.

Efficient Production Planning and Forecasting

Make quicker, more informed decisions as you store and calculate production plans and forecasts with multiple scenarios or through basic import. Compare different scenarios and analyze opportunities by viewing well-production curves.

Enhance the Hydrocarbon Value Chain with Chemical and Emissions Management

Add value to hydrocarbon accounting by including chemical and analysis management for flow assurance and operational integrity. Track and manage environmental impact through integrated emissions management.


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Energy Components Key Features

Ensure accurate allocation and reporting of exported, injected, and disposed quantities by tracing and validating production and injection quantities.

Optimize the return on investment across asset portfolios and identify dominating performance constraints by defining, categorizing, and accounting for downtime and deferments.

Strengthen the quality and traceability of well test data and utilize historical well test data to detect deviation and performance trends. Improve alignment and consistency between well test data and how these are being utilized in related business processes, such as allocation, fluid sampling, PVT calculations and flow metering.

Enhance value of chemicals in operations by managing chemical inventories, usage, and performance. Integrated with upstream and analysis management to monitor and optimize flow assurance and operational integrity.

Track your environmental impact with automated emissions calculation, reporting and monitoring integrated into the hydrocarbon value chain. Track and report GHG emissions by source, totals, or include in production allocation.