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Cut down on unnecessary site visits, lower Lease Operating Expenses (LOE), and reduce downtime with On Demand SCADA. Be alerted of potential problems with configurable alarms and remotely control your equipment from anywhere.
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Automate Dataflow from Wellhead to Operations

Lower Costs with Safe and Secure SCADA Workflows

Simplify operations, reduce overhead, and scale for growth safely in the cloud, meeting SOC 2 Type 1 compliance. Seamless upgrades are delivered at no additional cost and with zero downtime—giving you the latest version, always.

Operate by Exception and Produce Trustworthy Results

Build efficiencies to reduce expenses. Focus on wells that need attention, reduce miles travelled, and drive well performance with a full view of production volumes, downtime, and field activity.

Optimize SCADA Workflows with Advanced Notification Tools

Make faster, data-driven and accurate decisions that matter. Get rapid response times with real-time data. Send alerts, texts, and calls with robust reliable alarms and visualizations for a quick review of large data sets.

Meet Unique Business Needs with Best-in-Class Integrations

Unlock new workflows through native integrations to Upstream On Demand suite’s production operations combining field data capture, production allocation, and regulatory reporting.

Accelerate Productivity with Rapid Implementation of SCADA

Crafted with innovative design and intuitive usability to streamline training, rapidly onboard and provide long term enhanced productivity. Gain swift access and drive immediate business results.

Unmatched Customer Support with Years of Oil & Gas Expertise

Experience the best-in-class customer support and develop proven relationships based on trust. We offer proactive solutions from a team who exceeds NPS and CSAT benchmarks, year after year.


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On Demand SCADA Key Features

Share critical data from any device. Keep wells online by remotely monitoring flow rates and sending remote commands to field equipment. Daily SCADA values pair automatically with lease operator information.

Identify issues before they happen with innovative, built-in trending for data visualization. This enables you to resolve issues faster—tracking flow variances and spotting information outside of normal range.

Receive voice, text, and email alerts with configurable alarms. Define escalation queues so that the issue gets addressed as quickly as possible.

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