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Midstream Energy Management Solutions

Maintain a competitive edge with Energy Components Midstream, purpose-built software to manage the flow of energy across LNG, tanks, rails, and pipelines.
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Optimized LNG and Midstream Management

Manage Fleet Utilization and Train Capacity

Transform your LNG export operations - tolling, merchant, equity, or hybrid - Energy Components streamlines any business model.

Integrated LNG Operational Planning

Leverage Energy Components’ precision planning and LNG scheduling, ensuring fair and prudent treatment of all joint venture partners.

Maximize Midstream Operations Throughput and Revenue

Optimize productivity and cash flow with Energy Components’ integrated planning, nomination, actualization, and reporting capabilities.

Increase LNG Import Terminal Utilization

Maximize terminal revenue, ensure customer satisfaction with enhanced planning for efficient loading, storage, and send-out capabilities.

Energy Accounting for Hydrogen

Improve hydrogen facility operations with Energy Components by managing terminal operations, inventory, and transport.


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Energy Components Key Features

Manage a portfolio-wide or terminal-specific Annual Delivery Program (ADP) and short-term delivery schedule (SDS) ensures a feasible cargo and send-out schedule without conflicts. Optimize use of berth allocation and logistics with KPI-driven scenario analysis for comparison between different options.

Conduct precise energy accounting of energy, mass, and volume supporting the computation of both total and per-component inventory for both individual tanks and the entire LNG terminal. Energy Components' comprehensive approach includes accounting for losses, internal consumption, and boil-off in strict adherence to contractual agreements.

Use business process automation and mobile apps to streamline terminal activities related to LNG unloading and re-loading, including cargo analysis, bill of lading/unloading, timesheets, port logs, demurrage calculations and cargo document generation and upload.

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