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Gas & Liquid

Ensure data integrity with FLOWCAL, the industry leading solution for hydrocarbon, biogas, and carbon capture and storage measurement.

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Increase Operational Efficiency

Streamline the measurement process with the most robust gas and liquid measurement data management system on the market. Ensure data integrity with a single source of truth for physical volume data to use throughout your organization.


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Gas Measurement

Streamline measurement processes and decrease risk with an all-in-one gas and liquid measurement solution. FLOWCAL  provides a central source of information, clear data visibility, a clear audit trail, as well as the ability to track lost and unaccounted for.


Use the most comprehensive gas and liquid  measurement solution in the industry to ensure data integrity. With FLOWCAL, you can easily manage inventory, efficiently handle system balancing, and manage source quality.

Validation and Exceptions

Ensure hydrocarbon measurement data integrity with set validation parameters that allow exceptions to be identified and resolved in a timely manner to produce the most accurate data set.

Flow Assurance and Integrity Management

Receive operational indicators in one data platform, enabling KPI reports and system risk monitoring.

System Balancing

Balance systems at the product and component levels for all natural gas and liquid transactions with a solution that includes hierarchical results display, allowing users the most flexibility when researching gain/loss data.

Superior Reporting Capabilities

Automatically send gas and liquid volume statements to your customers on a timely basis to improve customer satisfaction.

Regulatory and Compliance Standards

Maintain compliance with BLM regulations and utilize all the liquid and gas industry calculation standards of the AGA, API, and Measurement Canada. All data changes are automatically logged, while preserving original data to meet audit trail standards.

Benefits of Gas & Liquid Measurement

Ensure Accountability

Manage all your oil and gas measurement data with a process that allows you to easily validate field data. Identify suspect data and flow anomalies to maintain data certainty.

Drive Efficiency

Collect and process oil and gas measurement data quickly and accurately in order to produce the best available volumetric and measurement information in the industry.

Automate and Simplify Workflows

Automate data consolidation between different fields and labs. Also streamline processes with scrubbed data, combined into one usable and report-capable database.

Minimize Risk and Ensure Compliance

Stay current with ever-changing regulatory and compliance standards, including BLM, AGA, API and Measurement Canada.

Measurement Services

Coastal Flow has been the leading provider of hydrocarbon and liquid measurement services for nearly 50 years. Coastal Flow services combined with the power of FLOWCAL help companies maintain an accurate, cost-effective, and efficient measurement program from field to office. See how Coastal Flow can help improve the quality of your measurement data.

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API MPMS Chapter 11.1

API MPMS Chapter 11.1 is the established industry standard, outlining the procedure for crude oils, liquid refined products and lubricating oils for the correction of temperature and pressure effects on density and volume of liquid hydrocarbons. Purchase today from Quorum Software, the only authorized reseller worldwide.

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