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Gathering & Plant

Streamline your gathering and plant accounting with My Quorum TIPS to gain efficiency, increase end-to-end transactional visibility, and reduce risk.

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Simplify Gathering and Processing

Gathering and plant accounting with TIPS simplify complex, interrelated midstream processes to optimize natural gas processing and scheduling.


Gas Processing Plants and
350k Meters Managed Daily


Midstream Companies Have Doubled
Assets Without Adding Headcount


Natural Gas Companies Have Cut
Invoice Processing Time in Half


Settlement and Invoicing

Shorten close cycles and save costs by streamlining complex accounting processes.

Contract Management

Simplify contract and confirmation processes with workflow tools and automated delivery.

Customer Portal

Increase customer satisfaction and self-service with an all-in-one portal for shipper/operator interactions.


Streamline gas scheduling by enabling shippers to nominate quantities and receive real-time confirmations.


Integrates with FLOWCAL measurement to streamline daily and monthly measurement processes and reduce costly mistakes due to bad data.

Division Order and Disbursements

Manage distribution of revenues to operators and interest owners with division order and disbursement.

Standard and Regulatory Reporting

Provide operational and tax reports to regulators and assure regulatory compliance.


Perform allocations of gas and NGLs with the industry's most adopted and proven allocation engine.

Benefits of Gathering and Plant Accounting With TIPS

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Enhance communication with a customer activity website that provides up-to-date information on the current month's activities.

Gain Insights

Make better, more informed business decisions while reducing errors and minimizing monthly close cycles with performance metrics and easy-to-use reporting.

Grow and Adapt

Adapt to changing business requirements with flexible configuration that integrates additional assets and other key systems.

Streamline Settlements

Recognize monthly revenue positions more quickly by eliminating manual processes and simplifying allocations and settlements.

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