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Gain confidence in your production planning and forecasting with Val Nav, the energy industry's most complete economics and reserves solution.

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Reserves Estimation and Evaluation

Increase the accuracy of your economics forecasting with Val Nav's unique auto-forecasting algorithm and economics engine, used by both large multi-national companies and small independent operators. 


Decline Curve Analysis

Perform decline curve analysis, type curve analysis, analog forecasting, cross-plots, and statistical evaluation. 


Segment editing, hotkeys, decline graphing tools and secondary products.

Economic Evaluation

Quickly define your scenarios without having to rebuild your cases and run economic comparisons with ease to reduce turnaround time by as much as ninety-percent.


Easily generate hundreds of reports, including economic, technical, risk, reserves and more.

Reserves Management

Structured inputs and easily-followed workflows for reserves categorizations

Flexible Carbon Modeling

Robust support for emerging workflows, from custom products for emissions forecasting to fiscal regimes for complex carbon tax or carbon pricing models.

Reduce Turnaround Time by 90%

Run economic comparisons with ease using Val Nav. With fast, accurate forecasting and economic evaluation,  you can reduce turnaround time by as much as 90%.

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Holistic Analysis

Eliminate the need to export spreadsheets with a complete engineering and reserves solution. Perform decline curve analysis, type curve analysis, analog forecasting, cross-plots, and statistical evaluation, gas material balance, and volumetric analysis. 

Fast and Accurate Auto-Forecasting

Improve speed and accuracy of forecasting with access to more in-depth analysis of large datasets and trends, leveraging integrated workflow tools such as segment editing, hotkeys, decline graphing tools, and secondary products.

Manage your Reserves Data

Simplify reserves season and make compliance second-nature with structured inputs and reserves categorizations that adhere to a controlled process.

Complete Engineering, Economics and Reserves Solution

See how Val Nav can improve at all ends of the asset evaluation and corporate reserves workflows.

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