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Oil & Gas Production Operations Software

Reduce downtime and Lease Operating Expenses (LOE), capture and allocate your production volumes, file regulatory reports, and track well performance with configurable dashboards, all in one place. On Demand Production Operations software empowers teams with complete visibility into production operations.
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End-to-End Production Management for Oil & Gas

Lower Costs with Safe and Secure Production Operations

Simplify operations, reduce overhead, and scale for growth safely in the cloud meeting SOC 2 Type 2 compliance. Seamless upgrades are delivered at no additional cost and with zero downtime — giving you the latest version, always.

Monitor Wells and Collect Field Data in Real-Time

Enable your operators with an intuitive offline iOS app, facilitating the review of SCADA data and the input of manual field readings, downtimes, run tickets, and custom forms. Access critical well data from anywhere and share with field users.

Optimize Production Workflows with Advanced Notification Tools

Respond sooner with cutting-edge notifications and communication processes. Eliminate the burden of manual interventions with automatic alerts and custom alarms from live data for seamless collaboration across your team.

Expedite Decision-Making with Allocations and Facility Diagrams

Gain a competitive advantage and increase transparency. Accelerate month-end close cycles by performing daily or monthly real-time allocations and visualize product flow and allocation networks using interactive drag-and-drop tools.

Maintain Seamless Regulatory Compliance

Meet compliance standards at each regulation change with no downtime with automatic, cloud-based upgrades. Quickly identify which regulatory reports need to be refiled based on prior period adjustments (PPAs) through automated notifications.

Meet Unique Business Needs with Best-in-Class Integrations

Unlock new workflows through native integrations to the Upstream On Demand suite including accounting, well operations, and SCADA software that collects data automatically from flow computers and feeds it directly into the production system.

Flexible and Robust Production Reporting with Data Hub

Easy sharing of production insights allow unbridled access to data across connected, upstream applications with On Demand Data Hub. Gain agility with rapid, informed decisions that drive business forward.

Accelerate Productivity with Rapid Implementation of Software

Crafted with innovative design and intuitive usability to streamline training, rapidly onboard and provide long term enhanced productivity. Gain swift access and drive immediate business results.

Unmatched Customer Support with Years of Oil & Gas Expertise

Experience best-in-class customer support and trust-based relationships with proactive solutions that consistently exceed NPS and CSAT benchmarks, year over year.


Place for All Your Production Data


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Faster Onboarding & Unlimited Training

On Demand Production Operations Key Features

Monitor well performance and visualize the exact breakdown of the allocated volume data for total visibility of all calculations. Review the final allocated volume of all products and disposition combinations, plus theoretical volume and percent contributed for every allocation in the system.

Save time and labor, easily locate reporting exceptions with built-in validation tools. Centralize the review of allocated and raw data entry volumes for efficient oversight, enabling immediate correction of any issues without leaving the review screen.

Improve the accuracy and speed of your allocations. Gain full visibility into your production allocation with real-time results delivered through all-in-one schematics that represent how the asset is configured in the field and the flow of product from wells to the sales points.

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