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Make the right decision at every stage of asset development with Enersight.

Integrated Asset Development

Built to help asset level planners, engineers and economists make the right decisions with accurate data and defensible field development models.


Comprehensive Activity Scheduling

Dynamically generates and assigns the scheduling activities required to achieve your asset goals, blending inventory, resources and your custom configured business rules then allowing visualization and easy adjustment of current and future activities within a single comprehensive tool.

Accurate Production Forecasting

Couple the scheduled on-production timing of each well with modeling each products' path to market or disposal capturing the material constraint and availability bottlenecks & enabling confident and accurate production forecasting.

Surface Network Modelling & Economics

Identify the costs and price differentials for each possible product flow path enabling value based determinations of options.

Unified Asset Development System

Unifies teams across reservoir, operations, marketing, production, facility and finance, to deliver holistic scenarios with shared visibility of development plans, forecasts, and reports.

ESG Planning

Model and report on GHG emissions, water use, and CO2 injection plans quickly for effective development decisions when evaluating modern energy scenarios.

Secure, Cloud-based Solution

Scalable, compliant, modern technology that you can access from anywhere securely.

Forecasting Made Easy

Equip your teams with one comprehensive tool to build schedules, visualize current activities and easily make updates as realities in the field change. See the effect of schedule changes on production start dates and volumes and stay confident of production schedules and estimates.


Make Asset-Based Decisions

Integrated scheduling, network and economics mean that Asset Development engineers and planners can work towards optimized value, not just the easily visible, but incomplete production potential metric.

Fast and Accurate Forecasts

Enersight's problem orientated input models enable dynamic re-evaluation of activity dates and assignments as well as product flow paths for rapid updating of the scenarios when the 'what-if' changes - incorporating and synthesizing all the variables automatically.

Identify Risk and Opportunity with Sensitivity Analysis

Enersight enables rapid scripting of mass changes to help understand where plans are sensitive and where areas of potential opportunity can be exploited.

Forecast Emissions More Effectively

As regulatory agencies continually evaluate climate change disclosure systems, upstream industry planners, engineers, and operation teams will start incorporating these regulations into their development plans. Learn how you can leverage Enersight to model GHG emissions, allowing you to incorporate this increasingly important metric into your development decisions.

Forecast Emissions More Effectively