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Planning for unconventional oil and gas assets.

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Integrated Asset Development

Cloud-based system that enables asset planners to make the right decisions with accurate data and robust field development models.


Comprehensive Scheduling

Smart analytics identify when and how your scheduling activities must be performed to bring wells online when needed - within your pre-defined limits.

"Enersight provides an easy way for us to run different scheduling scenarios.  We can quickly simulate the effect of adding or dropping rigs and see what impact it has on our development velocity, production profile and economics."

Daily Production Network Optimization

With advanced modeling techniques, Enersight can accurately forecast your daily production by considering every aspect of your operations, including inter-well effects and takeaway capacity limits. This ensures that you have a high-fidelity forecast that your company can rely on for operational, facility or marketing decisions. You can use this information to optimize your maintenance activities, adjust your drilling sequences or plan for facility expansion, and ultimately, increase your production output and profitability.

Rapid Scenario Generation

Test ‘What-ifs’ and sensitivities rapidly by leveraging Enersight’s unique capabilities to model new development alternatives in minutes rather than days.

Add rig lines, change activity durations and resequencing your wells – all at the click of a button.

Skip manually making the thousands of micro-decisions that make up a plan, and jump straight into your analysis, allowing a faster understanding of the impact of alternative ideas.

Full Field Economics

Evaluate a wide range of scenarios accurately with confidence with an industry-proven economic model. Enersight’s unique input options enables the true evaluation of costs and pricing differentials when optional flow paths are considered – increasing fidelity and ensuring non-linearities are captured.

Move past accounting-derived average contributions and get a real view of your asset.

Unlimited flexibility In Modelling

Capture the operational intricacies of your asset and the elements that are important to you: how you drill a well; what your learning curves look like; how your facilities, wells and pipelines connect; how costs are generated; or the exact desired response of a well to a nearby frac. Layer on higher level concerns such as emissions, water management and power to gain a holistic view of your asset.

“Enersight provides us with an easy way of modelling our complex assets and has a large amount flexibility that has helped us scale our models as our field development plans required."

Evergreen, Seamless, Cloud Experience

This scalable, secure, cloud-based solution enables seamless connections wherever you are and between Quorum applications.

Experience improved interactions, removing manual transformation & speeding up data transfers – making evergreen planning processes possible & avoiding the cost of implementing and maintaining custom integrations.


Generate New insights

Enersight helps you accurately understand your asset, gain insights into different possible futures, then further iterate your designs towards resolving newly emergent details - allowing for the faster generation of more nuanced, optimized plans.

Agile Decision Making

Enersight allows you to run more options and their sensitivities, faster - answering all of those what-if questions and enabling you to uncover the trapped potential value within your asset.

Meet your Guidance Every Time

Easily update Enersight’s nuanced model of your asset over time, incorporating the changing field realities and current performance – allowing for appropriate adjustments to stay on track and ensure you meet your guidance.

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