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Planning Space Dataflow

A flexible data management system for the energy industry, designed to consolidate asset data, minimize data errors and streamline core processes with automated workflows.

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Streamline the Planning Process

Planning Space Dataflow is a planning scenario and data management system designed to enable corporate planning teams to crowdsource day-to-day planning workflows.  Connect people, tools, and processes to create a single source of truth for corporate-wide planning.


Configurable Data Entry

Capture data how you want to with configurable data models and user interfaces.  Together with data point change history, auditing and version comparison for a transparent view of your corporate planning data.

Data Consolidation

Capture data at any level, from decision unit to regional business entity, and roll-up for modelling or reporting purposes.

Data Point Change History

Gain insight into what changed, when it changed and who changed it.  Keeping planning data transparent and error free.

Open Integration

Easily consume and consolidate data from multiple sources, including databases, spreadsheets and other applications within the Quorum Energy Suite. 

Scenario Analysis

Minimize risk and exposure with first class scenario management.

Granular Security

Control data access and visibility, from individual data points, to entire projects, with automated approval workflows to ensure changes to data are managed effectively.

Reporting & Business Intelligence

Leverage a rich reporting engine and standards based open APIs for data analysis and business intelligence.

Collaborative Source of Truth

Connect people, tools and processes to crowdsource planning workflows using part of the energy industry’s most powerful cloud-based planning suite.


Rapidly Develop Business Plans

Consider multiple what-if situations, trade-offs, constraints, and returns forecasts. Easily adapt plans or compare alternate planning scenarios as your business evolves.

Facilitate Collaboration

Connect people, tools and processes to crowdsource planning workflows, improve accountability and planning fidelity. 

Make Better Decisions

Data quality, what-if scenarios, and a single source of truth supported by  a consolidated portfolio view will derive the insights required to make the right decision at any stage of the planning process.    

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