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Quickly adapt to changing market conditions with automated processes and access to real-time data for real-time decision making using My Quorum.

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Everything You Need From One Source

Maximizes your team’s throughput by managing interrelated business processes for gas pipelines.


Gathering Systems and
Pipelines in North America


Years Experience Serving the
Midstream Oil and Gas Industry


Miles of Interstate and
Intrastate Pipeline in the U.S


Pipeline Management

Maximize capacity, manage imbalances, and maintain regulatory compliance with real-time transactional information.

Accurate Invoicing

Providing the ability to store rate information and generate accurate monthly invoices.


Reduce data management complexity with all-in-one measurement that collects and scrubs data to produce quality output.

Customer Portal

Increase customer satisfaction and streamline shipments with an all-in-one portal for shipper/operator interactions.

LDC Contract and Deal Management

Simplify contract or deal entry, and confirmation processes with automated workflow and delivery.

Regulatory Compliance

Maintain ongoing regulatory compliance with NAESB certified applications.


Drive Efficiency

Reduce cycle times with automated processes. Access real-time data for scheduling, tracking inventory, prioritizing nominations, and adapting quickly to changing market conditions. 

Improve Decision-Making

Access real-time data through queries and reports to react quickly and make more informed business decisions.

Minimize Complex Data Entry

Make data entry for historically complex or regulated features—such as capacity release and request for service — easier by condensing dozens of fields into easy step-by-step wizards or walkthroughs.  

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Streamline communications with our customer activity website for operators and shippers that empowers users to manage processes such as nominations, confirmations, and imbalances from one location.

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