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Document Management

Drive operational performance and efficiency with Dynamic Docs, a comprehensive oil and gas document management solution for better decision-making across well, land, A&D, acquisitions, trades, and more.

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Eliminate the Document Chaos

Improve collaboration and organization with access to all your land, accounting, and well files with Quorum’s centralized oil and gas document management solution.


Time Reduction in Looking
for Well Information


Faster Onboarding of
New Asset Information


Reduction in IT
Support Requests


Smart Search Technology

Locate information quickly and accurately by narrowing search results based on attributes, document tags or key phrases. Customize search experience based on user roles.

Quorum Product Integrations

Integrations with various Quorum accounting, Land and Well Operations provides a rich set of cloud-based document management capabilities for users of these systems.

Advanced Security

Multiple security and authentication levels keep your sensitive information safe. Provide the right level of access to the right users with configurable role-based permissions.

Virtual Data Room

Share documents and information with internal and external parties without having to make redundant copies.  Leverage our advanced security capabilities to control user access. 

Saved Searches

Save search criteria and re-run at any time to retrieve the most up-to-date search results.  Utilize your saved searches to rapidly build collections of documents needed for a project. 

Structured Taxonomy

Be up and running quickly with rapid implementations using out-of-the-box industry proven taxonomies designed to support our smart search capabilities. 

Audit History

Improve visibility across the system. Easily track the lifecycle of a document to see what changes were made, when and by whom.

Quick File

Easily upload and OCR all files and metadata from an acquisition to quickly provide a searchable document repository for users. 

Document Version Management

Save multiple versions of the same document. Set any version to the current version viewable within the preview window. 

Benefits of Dynamic Docs

Simplify Document Storage

Through integration across multiple Quorum products and advanced security, Dynamic Docs serves as a holistic document repository to meet the needs of various departments and users. 

Streamline A&D Processes

Onboard new asset information 30-60% faster with fully searchable data. Quickly integrate unstructured information received during acquisitions, and when assets are ready for sale. Easily group documents based on search criteria to facilitate divestitures. 

Minimize Data Entry Time

Automate accounts payable input using our AI engine to extract key data from invoices and automatically enter into On Demand Accounting AP Workflow. 

Improve Collaboration

Keep documents organized and accessible to the right users at the right times.  Share documents and information with third parties for A&D, owner relations, and joint ventures while reducing risk and decreasing file duplication. 

Accurate Document Integration

Dynamic Docs uses business logic to identify keywords from files to label, organize, and integrate files.  Capture documents and related metadata across departments and gain a competitive edge. 

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