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Planning Space

An integrated cloud-optimized planning, economics and reserves solution for today’s modern energy industry incorporating years of unparalleled expertise.

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Make Better & More Efficient Business Decisions On Data You Can Trust

Combining all data and models required for capital, financial, and reserves & resource planning, Planning Space provides life of field data management for asset consolidation, economic evaluation, financial planning, reserves management, and portfolio optimization.

Cloud-Optimized Corporate Planning Platform

Maximize value through a living business plan that connects data from the reservoir to the boardroom.

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Planning Space Dataflow

A flexible and secure data management solution for the energy industry, designed to streamline the collection of data from across an organization. Connect people, processes, and tools for a single source of truth for corporate-wide planning.

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Planning Space Economics

Conduct reliable, accurate and repeatable economic analysis with the industry-leading solution for petroleum & energy economic evaluation and fiscal modeling.

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Planning Space Financials

Harmonize economic outlooks with financial forecasts to create pro-forma financial statements and analyze alternative funding strategies and their impact on financial KPI's.

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Planning Space Reserves

See the full picture with an industry-leading reserves management system that eliminates errors and simplifies complex workflows.

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Planning Space Portfolio

Evaluate trade-offs, optimize your plans, manage uncertainty, and gain clarity around your company’s most important strategic decisions.

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Integrated Planning from Asset to Corporate Teams

Seamlessly consolidate asset-level scenarios into corporate plans, facilitating portfolio-wide analysis and capital allocation across operations of any type, region or maturity.

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