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Strategy & Portfolio

Evaluate trade-offs, optimize your plans, manage uncertainty, and gain clarity around your company’s most important strategic decisions.

Strategy and Portfolio Oil and Gas Software

Improve Strategic Decision Making

Optimize your portfolios with insights into performance potential and strategic alternatives at a corporate or business unit level. Evaluate decisions related to strategy development, portfolio management, capital allocation and M&A.


Prescriptive Business Modelling

Generate diverse strategic scenarios that explore the performance capabilities of your complete portfolio.

Portfolio Optimization

Optimize complex portfolios to select assets, their optimal timing and working interest based on multiple financial and operational goals and constraints.

Manage Risk and Uncertainty

Understand the risk and uncertainty associated with each strategic scenario, and not only the expected performance, and see how they align with the acceptable risk levels of your company.

Investment Scenario Analysis

Test how the expected performance of the generated strategic scenarios respond to changes in key market conditions such as interest rates, commodity prices or inflation, for instance.

Fully Configurable Model

Customize the metrics that describe the projects in your portfolio, the aggregation rules and the computed metrics that will be utilized to evaluate the performance of each particular portfolio.

Multi-Source Data

Leverage data directly from spreadsheets or from many of the other Quorum Energy Suite applications such as Planning Space Economics, Planning Space Financials, Planning Space Dataflow and Enersight.


Make Strategic Decisions

Connect strategy, activity, and financial outcomes, set achievable goals, and easily communicate them to the organization

Allocate Capital Across a Diverse Portfolio

Evaluate competing capital projects while balancing short and long-term factors of success.

Balance Operations and Finance

Evaluate investments based on contribution to overall performance.

Manage Uncertainty and Downside Exposure

Understand how risk and uncertainty affects your ability to succeed.

Energy Sustainability

Bring ESG into focus while balancing the resources required to transition from traditional energy sources into green investments, reduce CO2, and improve the resilience of your company's energy strategy.

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