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Safe, efficient, and collaborative end-to-end logistics powered by DaWinci—the world-leading personnel, cargo, and offshore wind logistics solution.
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Drive Performance with End-to-End Logistics Software for the Energy Industry

Manage Offshore Personnel Logistics & POB Management with Control

Gain unrivaled control of your offshore personnel logistics with DaWinci—a tool built to facilitate safe, efficient, and collaborative logistics. The solution has served business critical offshore operations for 25 years and is the undisputed leader in functional coverage.

360° Overview of End-to-End Personnel Logistics: Offshore & Onshore

Effectively manage end-to-end personnel logistics with a 360º overview. Energy operators are enabled to plan, execute, and report on the full itinerary of personnel from home, while traveling, on-site, and safely back home again.

Making Logistics Collaborative by Bringing Together Operators in Regional Hubs

Improve efficiency for the benefit of people, planet, and profit. Operators, contractors, and transporters can work all together in a single tool for one version of the truth, sharing transportations and sell or buy surplus capacity.

Bridge the Gap Between Activity Planning & Logistics Execution for Personnel & Cargo

Seamlessly connect activity planning with logistics execution for personnel and cargo. This operational efficiency ensures full control in accurate planning and improved flexibility in the face of operational disruption.

A Single, Fully Integrated, End-to-End Tool for Personnel & Cargo Logistics

Receive end-to-end integrated logistics with full visibility across the interconnected supply chains for personnel and cargo. Get rid of your spreadsheets and elevate your experience with integrated logistics.

User-Friendly Integrated Workspace for Cargo Logistics Management Made Easy

Simplify cargo logistics management with the intuitive user interface of DaWinci’s workspace, designed for ease of use with increased capability. It takes just a few clicks to plan, track, and manage cargo.


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DaWinci Key Features

Facilitates management of core data for companies, vehicles, and sites. Integrates the scheduling of activities and transportations for personnel and equipment. Provides logistics, reporting, and insights for a comprehensive overview and full control.

Streamlines operations by managing personal data including certificates. Enables end-to-end personnel scheduling and booking; ensures accuracy for check-in and dispatch processes; offers full control of onboard personnel and emergency management.

Offers a visual workspace to simplify the creation of complex and integrated travel requests, streamlines processing for managers with one-click decisions. Automates approvals based on business rules.

Share information through a user-friendly platform for travelers to view all historic and upcoming travels, request for travel, upload certificates, and conduct pre-check-in. Now available as a web app and as a native app for iOS and Android devices.

Experience our integrated check-in kiosk, eliminating the need for manual counters. This enables travelers to self-manage check-ins, weigh-ins, and directly print all tags. Also available as an app for iOS and Android as DaWinci Check-In.

Drive improvement with a fully integrated business intelligence tool, enabling you to build your own reports with automations for organization-wide send outs, KPI dashboards, and deep analytics with simple drag and drop design.

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