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Understand the risks and impacts of your asset development options with a full-cycle asset exploration and development simulation system.

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Full Cycle Asset Exploration and Development Simulation

Weigh the risks and rewards of multiple development options and the impact of resource constraints with a full full-cycle asset exploration and development simulation system for engineers and planners.


Conventional Resource Modeling

Replace your spreadsheet modeling with a powerful business simulation approach that considers the key elements of your resource and is built on more than 20 years of E&P experience. It enables you to configure as desired to reflect your areas of complexity.

Integrated Simulation

See every entity in your project and visualize both localized and system-wide constraints and scheduling nuances, highlighting material risks and sources of uncertainties, revealing hidden value and allowing you to accelerate your project towards production. With clear insight spanning the entire asset, PetroVR allows planners to understand real decision tradeoffs.

Scenario and Sensitivity Evaluations

Advanced scenario management capabilities enable the rapid cascading of input updates and accelerated insight generation of tradeoffs between decisions via powerful Monte Carlo evaluation and visualization tooling, allowing effective analysis.

Integrated Ecosystem

Leverage PetroVR's integration with Planning Space for best-in-class Economics-as-a-Service functionality, removing friction associated with reconciliation between Asset and Corporate via standardizing on a single economic model.

Understand the Trade-offs Between Plans and Scenarios

PetroVR's powerful forecasting engine features a unique stochastic simulation engine with a discrete event simulator enabling evaluation and visualization of Monte Carlo results for improved insight into the risks and rewards of a given strategy.


Gain Insight and Make Decisions Faster

Accelerate your Asset Development modeling with the right tooling - enabling accurate and expansive capture of the material components of your Asset to assist in identifying insights towards the correct strategic decisions faster.

Understand your Asset's Risks and Uncertainties

Simulate the entire asset development environment to capture and understand the uncertainties associated with your project via detailing the nuances of your facilities and wells, the available rigs and required schedules to meet production goals - and how these interact across the entire possible performance spectrum with Monte Carlo analysis.

Configurable Solution for your Resource

Actualize the challenges of oil and gas resource plays with easily configurable tooling to enable development planning and production optimization, considering the expanded value chains required for various oil and gas resources.

Unlock Your Asset's Potential

Asian deepwater projects are some of the most challenging developments in the world due to contaminated gas, high costs, remote sites, and unique commercial situations. It is essential that these challenges are assessed and managed throughout project execution by selecting appropriate field development plans and implementation methods. Learn how to overcome these challenges and unlock the potential of your assets through collaborative, risk-based evaluations.

Unlocking Asia's Deepwater Potential