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Planning Space Economics

Ensure accurate economic calculations with Planning Space, the industry-leading solution for petroleum economic evaluation and fiscal modeling.

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Ensure Accurate Economic Evaluation

Planning Space Economics is an enterprise-level software and data solution for petroleum economic evaluation and fiscal modeling. Run complex scenarios more quickly, and monitor cashflows as your plans evolve.


Petroleum Economic Evaluation

Model a wide range of scenarios, including complex royalty and ring-fence scenarios.

Incremental Economics

Quickly assess the value drivers within ring-fence regimes of acquisitions.

Transparent Fiscal Models

Built-in support for Excel™ based economic calculations and fiscal regimes.

Fiscal Regime Library

Comprehensive list of guides to explain and clarify the terms of over 100 countries.

Cloud-Based Economics Software Built for Energy Companies

Conduct reliable, accurate, and repeatable economic analysis. 

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Fast, Accurate Petroleum Economic Evaluation

Ensure your economic calculations are accurate and consistent. And when plans change, get the answers you need more quickly to make the right investment decisions.

Streamlined Economic Analysis

Quickly assess the value drivers in acquisitions by comparing new scenarios and model assumptions against baseline economic models.

Reliable Fiscal Regime Library

View our comprehensive list of guides to explain and clarify the terms of over 100 countries. This easy-to-understand format with clear guidelines helps your teams quickly and easily build fiscal models for economic analyses.

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Next-Generation Planning & Economics Solution - Delivered

We are proud to introduce a game-changing digital planning solution, combining the power of Quorum's Planning Space and SLB's Delfi FDPlan.

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Petronas Improves Performance with Planning Space

Discover how Petronas modernized with our tech-driven software for a complete portfolio planning solution that provides accurate results for sophisticated analysis.

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