Top 5 Sessions from Qnections 2021
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Top 5 Sessions from Qnections 2021

ByMegan Yunker

October 04, 2021

Qnections 2021 brought together hundreds of energy professionals across upstream, midstream, downstream, measurement, and planning & reserves for three days of learning, collaborating, and networking. As we reflect on the event, check out the top five sessions.

5. Integrated Planning, Execution, & Reserves

Explore the evolution of the industry, best practices in integration planning, execution and reserves, and Aucerna Solutions by Quorum Software in this session.

Integrated Planning, Execution, and Reserves

4. How Our Customers Use myQuorum Pipeline: Core vs Customer Features

Core vs Customer Usage; what is core anyway? This session shares our analysis of the different configurations across all installations to provide best practices for our customers and key insights that help us validate our testing approach and prioritize our documentation.

How Customers Use myQuorum Pipeline

3. Using Reporting to Drive Your Upstream Business

Learn about the increasing role that reporting plays in day-to-day management and operations. This session will include a discussion on industry reporting trends and showcase how you can leverage software to maximize the benefit of your data.

Reporting to Drive Upstream Business

2. See How FLOWCAL Integrates into TIPS

See how the integration between the industry-leading Measurement and Gas Scheduling & Accounting products benefits you and get a glimpse into the Close Process of the Future in this session.

How FLOWCAL Integrates into TIPS

1. Panel Discussion FLOWCAL & Field Apps: Benefits to Staying Current

Hear about the benefits of staying current on Quorum's measurement products directly from the people that use and support these tools in this panel discussion.

FLOWCAL and Field Apps

Did you miss Qnections 2021? Recordings for all sessions are available on demand. We look forward to seeing you in-person at Qnections 2022 when we return to Las Vegas, April 12-14.

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