The Combined Product Vision with Aucerna + Quorum

ByMegan Yunker

October 06, 2021

Qnections 2021 brought customers together from across the energy value chain for learning and collaboration. One highlight session, The Combined Product Vision with Aucerna + Quorum, presented by SVP Products, Chit Patel, focused on a different kind of collaboration. The collaboration possible between planning and operations.

In February, Quorum Software announced its merger with Aucerna. Chit’s session outlined our vision for the combined capabilities of the two companies and how they come together to add even more value to our customers.

How Aucerna Fits

The session kicked off with a question we have been asked often – how do Aucerna products fit in the broader Quorum portfolio? The answer is, effortlessly.

The Aucerna planning and reserves world is very different from the Quorum operations world in terms of workflows. Between the two, there are limited touchpoints from a workflow perspective. That means Aucerna’s products slot into the existing Quorum solutions in a way that makes sense for everyone.

“Our solutions now span the entire value chain of an oil and gas company,” Chit said. “All the way from the upfront capital planning workflows at the beginning of that value chain, down to tracking molecules at the end of that value chain.”

The goal here isn’t to integrate adjacent workflows, but to integrate the underlying data of existing systems into one master data management system – EnergyIQ.

EnergyIQ will bring the two product lines together by connecting data from all workflows to a central hub that includes cross function searching, queries, mapping and reporting as well as the opportunity to automate workflows and dataflows across applications. But it’s not limited to the Quorum and Aucerna product portfolios, EnergyIQ will also include the capability to capture public, proprietary and third-party data to create a true 360-degree view of operations.

The Vision for Aucerna

The session continued by digging in to the existing Aucerna roadmap and how the merger has affected it. Aucerna customers will be happy to learn, it really hasn’t.

The core vision and roadmap for Aucerna products, including the focus on cloud replatforming, remain unchanged. The new Quorum is more about increasing opportunities for what we can do together as a combined company. Ultimately, our vision is to bring operational visibility to a common platform, making our products more cohesive and user-friendly along the way.

So, What’s the Value?

Chit outlined the value of the combined Quorum and Aucerna in four categories:

  • Cloud expertise – Aucerna brings over a decade of cloud experience to the table and Quorum’s Upstream On Demand suite is the industry’s first and only end-to-end cloud native SaaS offering for upstream operations. Leveraging our shared knowledge and expertise allows the combined company to accelerate our continued journey to the cloud.
  • Technology accelerators – The synergies across product technologies like mapping, document management, or embedded BI and our new ability to share our expertise will allow us to deliver new features and updates more quickly.
  • OSDU and partnerships – Both Aucerna and Quorum were members of the Open Subservice Data Universe (OSDU) prior to the merger. As a combined company, we are able to make more contributions to help define planning and economics data types when the focus of the OSDU shifts in the not so distant future. Our larger presence also offers more opportunities for meaningful collaboration with other organizations like software vendors and public cloud providers.
  • New energies – Together, we are actively pursuing market research on workflows to support new energies. We’re taking an active position in building a product strategy that includes emissions management, carbon capture, solar, wind, and even hydrogen as we help shape the modern energy workplace and enable operators to navigate the energy transition.

Interested in learning more about the future of Quorum and Aucerna? Watch the full session.

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