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Modernizing the Business of Clean Energy

ByAlexandra Gajewski

March 25, 2022

Moving to clean energy is not an easy process. Making the shift is challenging enough, while also continuing to focus on growing your business. As more of our industry moves to renewable development projects and expands into areas like wind and solar, software solutions purpose-built for these types of initiatives, allow for scale while keeping costs down.

As we mentioned in our previous blog on Renewable Development Software for Clean Energy, developers are measuring the ROI for investing in a software solution in terms of cost reductions, streamlined workflows, ability to manage more than one project in the development phase at one time, and enhanced collaboration with all stakeholders (internal and external).

Our President, Paul Langenbahn, shares his testament to our rich history of supporting Clean Energy Developers:

“For over 15 years, Quorum Software has supported renewable developers through all phases of the project lifecycle inclusive of project definition, development, land acquisition, construction, and operations. Our tools streamline the multi-stakeholder, oftentimes lengthy development process, provide visibility into project health, and manage obligations for the life of the project, which enables companies to optimize their processes by saving time previously spent using highly customized software that required manual workarounds.”

He goes on to explain that we’re not only supporting renewable energy like wind and solar, but our portfolio reaches other areas where integrated-energy companies are looking to add greener assets to their portfolios.

“More broadly, Quorum is committed to supporting our customers through the energy transition and set the path to a low-carbon future. In addition to supporting renewable energy, our existing portfolio addresses emissions accounting, forecasting, and planning.”

An end-to-end solution offers several benefits to your renewable energy projects:

  • Boost Operational Efficiency: Accelerate business processes using Quorum’s platform by being able to carry out actions quickly leveraging the technology.
  • Automate Processes: Work smarter and reduce manual work by automating overall processes with sophisticated tools and functionality.
  • Find Data When You Need It Most: Stop relying on reports for data – you can easily find any land data in seconds using powerful search capabilities.
  • Enhance Data Accuracy: Trust the accuracy of your data with the ability to input data once and access it in multiple places as well as receive alerts when information is incomplete.
  • Maximize ROI: Capitalize on your technology assets by investing once in a fully integrated solution that services the full lifecycle of a renewable project.

Quorum proudly serves the entire energy industry with solutions purpose fit to optimize business processes. Find out how our solutions support developers and operators through all phases of the renewable project lifecycle.

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