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Is Outsourcing Right For You?

ByShreekanth Attreya

April 11, 2022

With M&A challenges, resource constraints, and limitations with systems or processes, outsourcing certain areas of your operations can be to your advantage. But how can you make sure outsourcing is right for your business? Hear from those have “been there and done that” to achieve a successful outsourcing strategy. Quorum’s Midstream Senior Product Manager, Stacey Hensley, sat down with Buddy Gray, VP of Lighthouse Midstream Services and Scott Langston, SVP of Black Bear Transmission, LLC to learn their experiences, tips, and advice.

Scott Langston discusses how Black Bear Transmission, which is owned by a private equity fund, comes with the challenge of knowing there is an eventual exit plan. With the future unknown, maintaining a full team of experienced talent is quite difficult. For Scott, long-term outsourcing alleviates some of those hurdles. Working with Buddy Gray’s team at Lighthouse Midstream Services, Scott’s team has been able to use outsourcing to manage documents, contracts, scheduling, allocations, measurements, invoicing, and more. He is confident these functions have also been helpful with operational efficiencies and scaling their business.

Watch the full webinar here to see how outsourcing has enabled Black Bear Transmission to remain competitive and how Lighthouse Midstream Services manages their operations to support the needs of a growing industry.

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