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Renewable Energy Development

A solution to support developers and operators through all phases of the renewable project lifecycle.

Effectively Manage your Renewable Assets

Streamline the multi-stakeholder, lengthy development process, provide visibility into project health, and manage your obligations for the life of the project.

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Key Product Features

Manage all phases of the project lifecycle inclusive of project definition and development, land acquisition, construction, and operations


Project Management

Define projects and their required tasks. Assign and track task status. View key project metrics such as project owner, status, key stakeholders, parcel summary, landowners, and areas targeted vs leased.

Land Aquisition

Accelerate acquisitions while improving data consistency and providing visibility to your stakeholders. Manage the process from defining a project area and uploading parcel data through contract and execution.

Land Management

Oil and Gas Software for Lease Management

A centralized repository for all types of agreements, whether it be wind, solar, geothermal, or hydroelectric. Record key contract terms, provisions, and obligations. Forecast and manage payments and other obligations.

Document Management

Accelerate productivity and efficiency with intelligent classification and search capabilities for all of your documents. Stay connected securely online.

GIS & Mapping

Visualize your data in a map such as parcel acquisition status, time sensitive obligations; then review the detail from the map.

Financial Integration

Supports integration to third party applications, Quorum Enterprise solutions, and Quorum On-Demand Accounting and Financial software.


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