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EnergyIQ & the OSDU Data Platform Mercury Release

ByMatthew Lewis

March 23, 2021

March 24 is an exciting day for many technologists in the energy space. It marks the Mercury release of the OSDU Data Platform. It is exciting not only for the promise of the technology and vision as laid out by the Open Group OSDU Forum but also for the significant industry collaboration that went into this release.

The OSDU Data Platform is tackling some of the problems identified initially by Quorum Software's own Steve Cooper some years ago when he founded EnergyIQ. In fact, centralization, quality control and governance, standardization, and trust have long been vital to getting real value from data.

Steve and the EnergyIQ team have been involved in OSDU and PPDM before that for several years, giving them a somewhat unique perspective on adopting the strategy as laid out by OSDU. This is why we partnered with Amazon AWS and Pariveda Solutions; to provide industry participants an easy-to-get-started option in their OSDU and corporate data management strategy.

The organizations collaborated on deploying EnergyIQ's Trusted Data Manager in AWS and then loading and delivering a blended, sample North Sea data set for the OSDU APIs to leverage for search and retrieval.

North Sea Data Sources

  • UK Oil and Gas Authority
  • UK National Data Repository
  • British Geological Survey
  • Equinor Volve Data Village
  • Norwegian Petroleum Directorate
  • Geological Survey of the Netherlands
  • Geological Survey of Denmark & Greenland

Coverage (approx.)

  • 46,000 wells
  • 6,000 directional surveys
  • 225,000 tops
  • 2,000 well logs

I asked Steve for some thoughts on what the Mercury release means for the industry; his thoughts:

"There is immense potential with the work the Open Group OSDU Forum has done, which I obviously fully support and have long believed in, really, even before founding EnergyIQ. The energy industry creates copious amounts of data, and so much is locked in business or application silos. The other difficulty is that this industry is not static. So, take very dynamic data and make it hard to get to, and you have the challenge the industry faces.

Elevating that data, giving it context, making it timely, and then using that information to drive all aspects of business decisions shifts us from a highly reactive operating model to something more proactive. At that point, companies can begin to explore things like preventative maintenance, machine learning, etc., but not before. Suppose you sequence your digital journey incorrectly, for example, applying machine learning and advanced analytics to pre-rationalized data. In that state, you may end up in a worse position than if you did nothing. The old mantra that "bad data in equals bad data out" is as relevant today as ever.

I and really the entirety of the combined Quorum family look forward to helping the industry move forward in its digital journey and actually accelerate it."

We appreciate Steve and the EnergyIQ team's leadership and efforts on this front.

To put my marketing hat on, we are here to help and look forward to discussing how Quorum, and partner AWS, can help you begin your OSDU journey.

If you are interested in learning more, review our datasheet on how we used EnergyIQ to setup an OSDU-compliant staging platform.

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