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ANALYZEit Gas Measurement Software for Sampling & Analysis

ByRyan Sterling

March 18, 2021

Sampling and analysis are critical in achieving reliable gas measurement, but gaps in processes and systems create the risk of introducing outdated or inaccurate analysis to the data. Valid gas quality assignments ensure a true representation of the value and quality of the product being exchanged. Since failure to properly account for gas quality can result in significant revenue loss, sampling frequencies are often regulated by contractual or agency requirements.

AnalyzeIT PSI Chart

For years, Quorum Field Measurement applications have been managing, automating, and standardizing how measurement tasks are performed across the industry. In addition to providing validations and calculations to the field task data, Field Measurement applications can be integrated with FLOWCAL to identify and correct inconsistencies or errors between the field device and the volume data.

Take the TESTit application, for example. TESTit provides the ability to manage and schedule sampling tasks. However, once the sample is taken, how do you know if it was ever checked into the lab? What if the lab receives a bad sample, but the technician missed the re-sample notification? Even with the right tools in place for sampling, many labs still rely on outdated or homegrown systems and spreadsheets that require manual validation and continuous maintenance to manage the surrounding processes. And while these processes and systems may have been in place for decades, today’s environment has accelerated the focus upstream and midstream companies are placing on data access, system integration, and process automation.

Since labs have primarily depended on external lab management systems, incorporating this critical component provides a common platform for all segments of a measurement department. Quorum offers lab management functionality as an add-on to TESTit, called ANALYZEit. Here’s how it works.

1. Schedule & Record Gas Measurement Samples

TESTit lets you schedule gas samples and record the sample conditions and cylinder information within the gas sample form. Once the sample cylinder is returned to the lab, ANALYZEit performs a sample check-in task. This allows the lab to verify all the required sample information provided by the technician, and a test number is assigned to associate the sample to the corresponding meter.

2. Automate Gas Measurement Analysis

Once the analysis is performed and the GC interface software generates a .txt file containing the results, it is automatically imported into TESTit with ANALYZEit and sent to the approval queue to be reviewed by the lab supervisor. Limits can be configured to indicate if any component within the analysis has deviated from the set min, max, delta, or standard score defined within the lab validations. By using these limits and the additional built-in validations, the approval process becomes straightforward. The application significantly reduces risks from inaccurate or irregular analysis and decreases time and inefficiencies associated with other lab management systems and processes.

3. Notify Gas Measurement Lab Technicians

Once the analysis is approved or rejected by the lab, an automated notification email can be configured to update the technician responsible for collecting the sample. Suppose another sample is needed due to a rejected analysis. In that case, communication with the technician can become a process gap between different departments or companies when this is a manual step in the lab process. Leveraging the core integration with FLOWCAL, the analysis will be automatically interfaced once approved. FLOWCAL then continues adjusting historical volumes, where appropriate, resulting in a more accurate measurement.

ANALYZEit transforms labs that rely on outdated and overwhelming lab system processes. It supports a common measurement system that automates, standardizes, and manages each step of the process from start to finish. In addition to providing data access between the field, lab, and office, you can be confident that quality assignments are being updated and applied accurately without delay.  

Want to learn more about Quorum’s suite of automation tools in our gas measurement software? Visit our field measurement applications page to see how our solutions can help increase your data accuracy and accountability.