Quorum Blog - 3 Tips To Achieve Measurement Accuracy

3 Tips to Achieve Measurement Accuracy

ByBrian Sowell

September 23, 2021

Any energy professional will agree that accuracy is the single most important objective in oil and gas measurement. But how can you achieve the most accurate measurement? From industry calculations and system balancing, to data validations and more, our measurement experts at Quorum Software share their tips on improving measurement data accuracy for your gas and liquids.

1. Gas Line Pack Calculation

Are you calculating gas line pack for your pipeline measurement? 21-year FLOWCAL veteran and Sr. Product Manager, George Barnes, shows how FLOWCAL applies this to your system balance for a more accurate gain/loss analysis.

2. Gas & Liquid Quality

In less than 2 minutes, measurement expert of more than 25 years, Oscar Castillo, shows how FLOWCAL improves the importing, validating, and measuring of your gas and liquid quality samples.

3. Liquid Volumes to Gas Equivalent

Measurement Solution Architect, Jason Rigg, explains why you should calculate your liquid volumes to gas equivalent and shows how FLOWCAL by Quorum Software performs this critical calculation for Midstream operators.​

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