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What's New in Execute 21

ByJeff Clement

April 01, 2022

We are excited to announce that Quorum Software’s Execute 21 is now available! This all-new release has the power to bring your total well lifecycle into clear focus, with a new reimagined workflow. To ensure the right people are doing the right work at the right time, Execute 21 automates the entire well-delivery process.

This latest release incorporates suggestions from our users for improved workflows and other new features for AFE management, Operational Scheduling and Capital Budgeting. Watch this comprehensive webinar to see what’s new with Execute 21 or read below for a quick recap.

What’s new and noticeable immediately?

  • New updated look and feel resembling our other Quorum applications
  • Excel-style grids feature column-freezing and row headers
  • Browse-screen status colors let you know where things are with your workflow task status for AFE/Job Approval and AFE Review status

What’s new for Execute workflows?

  • Improved visualization of complex workflows composed of many sub workflows
  • Added task assign/completed dates to workflow diagrams to make it easier to see the big picture and identify bottlenecks in the process.
  • Keep the process moving with our new capability that allows team members to take ownership of a task when the task owner is unable to get to it

What’s new with Operational Scheduling?

  • Graphical configuration tool for a simplified view creation and edit process

What’s new with AFE?

  • New Release of Funds optional feature to quickly substitute AFEs for fast approval of supplements
  • Integration with Well Operations tools: WellEz and Peloton Platform
  • New formula functions simplify extracting parts of an AFE estimate for reporting

What’s new for Capital Budgeting?

  • See snapshots over a period of time to view and export for BI reporting
  • Bulk forecasting loading capabilities to make sweeping changes to their forecast by exporting to Excel and pasting those changes back into the forecast

In addition, if your organization is interested in moving your Execute instance into the cloud, Execute 21’s new Integration Agent and Okta integration mean that you can do so while still maintaining the integrations with your on-prem systems that you enjoy today.

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