Life at Q

Wellness at Q

ByJill Vitols

September 28, 2022

Quorum Wellness focuses on health and wellness and making our workplace more supportive of a healthy lifestyle. The notion of wellness is frequently associated with gym memberships or green smoothies, limiting the scope to just physical wellbeing. Wellbeing is a result of complex interactions among many dimensions that, when nurtured in harmony, improve health and quality of life.

At Quorum, we promote a holistic dimension of wellbeing. To be our best selves, we need to focus on all aspects of our wellbeing, including physical, emotional, social and financial.

  • Physical: Physical wellbeing is about conscious lifestyle choices such as regular exercise, eating well, staying hydrated and getting a good night’s sleep. At Quorum, this looks like quarterly challenges such as individual and team step and physical activity challenges, virtual yoga and Pilates classes and more.
  • Emotional: Emotional wellbeing is something that we all should be aware of, just like physical wellbeing. It can be managed, developed and improved over time. We actively support our colleagues in achieving positive wellbeing. We aim to create a culture that provides and promotes a range of preventative support. To help those experiencing mental health issues, we have initiatives in place to detect and support colleagues through timely and personalized intervention.

We offer a global Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and Manager Mental Health Training, as well as resilience challenges, and wellbeing learning courses on a variety of topics including guided meditation, sleep, stress reduction and mindfulness.

  • Social: Social wellbeing is about connecting with colleagues, our communities and the environment, having a strong support network and sense of belonging. At Quorum, we encourage and support our employees engaging in volunteer events, celebrating individual traditions and culture and supporting their community events.
  • Financial: Financial wellbeing is about people’s ability to look at their finances, respond to unpredictable financial events and their ability to meet their financial goals in life. A crucial part of taking care of our minds is taking care of our money. Our finances are consistently identified as the biggest cause of stress in life and money worries – however big or small – can affect anyone, regardless of age or earnings. Our EAP offers numerous articles and webinars on financial wellness.

We encourage you to design and integrate work and life that meets your needs wherever you are on your life’s journey.