Unify Well Delivery Processes Across Functions

ByJeff Clement

May 19, 2021

Integrated Well Delivery Solution

Manually managing the entire lifecycle of your well delivery program – and its various intricacies – requires considerable time and resources, and risks mistakes and losses due to human error. Aucerna Execute gives your teams real-time well visibility, and helps them effectively manage all the knowledge, documentation and approvals needed to improve efficiency in your business.

Intelligent Approach to Managing the Well Lifecycle

Data Management
Replace countless Excel sheets and disparate data with a single, powerful system designed to capture and unify the information you need to accelerate your well delivery process. Give users a single trusted source of information, and ensure data integrity with automated data validation, strict permissions and detailed change histories.

Useful validation rules catch common mistakes and reduce the time needed to review schedule changes. Eliminate department-specific schedules and work with a consolidated view of your planned activities to ensure that the knock-on effect of changes across the entire plan are easily identified and prepared for.

Drill Schedule Graphic

Visualize and adjust planned work on a visual Gantt-style schedule, and automatically highlight potential conflicts based on progress in the well delivery process  

Performance and Record Keeping
Automated reminders and a highly configurable dashboard ensure that crucial well delivery data is always available, while our OData link makes it easy to integrate your well delivery process with existing corporate dashboards. With increased visibility, your stakeholders can quickly identify where each well is, and access critical insights into inefficiencies and bottlenecks at lightning speed.

Performance Scheduling GraphicOrchestration
Automating tasks and email alerts ensure the right data is collected at the right time by the right person. Achieve optimum efficiency in your well delivery process, remove unnecessary delays, reduce mistakes, and minimize the number of hands needed to keep things moving.

Orchestration Graphic

Aucerna Execute’s orchestration tools allow you to build and automate your Well Delivery Process and facilitate work across different functional teams

Benefits of Aucerna’s End-To-End Well Delivery Solution

Significantly Reduce Well Delivery Lead Times and Costs
Automating the workflows in your well delivery process creates consistency and helps eradicate unnecessary delays. Get real-time data that lets your teams identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies, compare performance across assets, and gain the insights necessary to optimize the overall well delivery process.

Improve Cross-Departmental Collaboration and Process Visibility
Remove departmental silos with a single tool that helps teams work together and share information more efficiently. Reduce the need for lengthy cross-department status meetings and get more time and resources back.

Get Unrivalled Data Quality and Integration
Move crucial well data out of Excel into a reliable program that seamlessly integrates with other systems to eliminate discrepancies between different tools. Say goodbye to time spent hunting down the right information, or manually reconciling data between clunky spreadsheets and operational systems.

Drive Efficiency Through the Roof
Reduce the time your teams spend collecting, validating and managing data with automated validation. With full visibility at your fingertips, your teams can avoid expensive mistakes, such as permitting errors, environmental stipulation violations and idle resources. The result? Your well-delivery process becomes a consistent and well-run machine that ensures your projects are delivered according to plan.

Connect Data to Minimize Double Entry and Errors

Sync and use the valuable data you already have, and remove manual data reconciliation to ensure one single, indisputable source of truth. Watch your productivity rates soar with better user engagement and minimal errors.

Aucerna Execute Well Delivery Process system is the only program you need to increase the efficiency of cross-departmental collaboration, so you can maximize your organization’s assets and ensure your projects are successful, delivered on time and on budget.