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Perth Quorum Employees Shine in the Fight Against Cancer

ByJill Vitols

September 26, 2023

Perth Quorum Employees Shine in the Fight Against Cancer


In Perth, Quorum employees recently showcased their commitment to their community by volunteering for a noble cause – supporting the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research in the fight against cancer.

The decision to support this organization was deeply personal, driven by the fact that cancer touches the lives of many, either directly or through loved ones. This marked the team's first volunteer experience with the institute, and their enthusiasm led to an invitation for future involvement in the Main Event in October.

“Participating in events like this with my team helps us feel more connected to our community knowing we are contributing our time in a meaningful way, meeting new people and learning new skills,” said APAC Professional Services Expert Amarish Darji.

The volunteers played a crucial role in event preparation by reorganizing fundraising event packs, ensuring they were readily accessible to participants.

“I really enjoyed doing something outside my normal job responsibilities, working in a completely unrelated work environment with my coworkers, and also learning about how volunteers are helping in our community,” said Amarish.