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How Oil and Gas Companies Can Navigate the Energy Transition

ByShreekanth Attreya

March 20, 2023

How Oil and Gas Companies Can Navigate the Energy Transition

Gas Processing & LNG had the opportunity to speak with Alexandra Gajewski, Vice President of Energy Transition Solutions for Quorum Software, to discuss environmental, social and governance (ESG) as well as energy transition strategies. We are highlighting a few key ideas Gajewski shares including diversification and digitization. Read the full article here. 

As the world moves towards a low-carbon future, oil and gas companies need to start taking steps to transition their business models. Consumers and investors are both demanding that the brands they support become more sustainable. Gajewski leads the discussion of how oil and gas companies can navigate this transition with the belief that emissions management is a non-negotiable part of business moving forward,. This means that the importance of diversification cannot be stressed enough, both in terms of energy sources and geographic regions, to ensure long-term sustainability and reduced emissions. 

Gajewski also highlights the role that technology can play in enabling the transition to a low-carbon future. She notes that digitalization can help companies reduce their carbon emissions by optimizing operations and improving energy efficiency. Additionally, new technologies such as carbon capture and storage can enable companies to continue using fossil fuels while reducing their impact on the environment. Overall, she emphasizes the need for oil and gas companies to be proactive and forward-thinking in their approach to the energy transition and embrace new technologies and business models to ensure their long-term success.  

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