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Engineering Team Connects, Builds Team in Pune

ByJill Vitols

October 11, 2022

With the newly-formed Q Enterprise Engineering and QA Engineering teams in Pune rapidly expanding and building their team to support customers, David Williamson, Robert Boland and Allan Watty recently visited the team to host a workshop to meet employees in person, build a personal connection, and have a few deep dives for questions about the products, teams and company.

They kicked off the week on Sunday with a teambuilding retreat filled with team-based games with friendly competition that focused on communication and collaboration while also having fun and getting to know each other. They also made time for hiking and exploring the Bhatghar dam backwaters and surrounding hills.

On Monday, the team got to work. Throughout the week, each of the new team members had the opportunity for one-on-one discussion with members of their leadership team. They also had several group discussions to cover ways of working, product functionality, technology and roadmaps, and cultural awareness. Lastly, the team took the time for campus visits and interview drives at colleges in the area to help fill junior positions on the team.

Engineering Team Building

“This workshop is a testament to the commitment of our leaders to care and listen to our concerns and support us through our challenges,” said Shubham Shendage. “They always try their best to provide an excellent employee experience in terms of learning, performance and growth. Even though our teams are divided geographically, we are united by technology, passion and humanity.”

A game of cricket was a clear crowd favorite. The Pune team graciously taught the U.S-based novices how to play the game, and it brought out a lot of great personality and made many fun memories!

“The workshop gave us a better understanding of Quorum’s vision and how it translates down to our teams,” said Asif Shakir. “The team activities helped us get to know each other better and will help us in our future collaboration.”

Engineering Team - Quorum Pune India

The teams actively collaborate across the world on myQuorum product development, testing and maintenance via Teams, so this was a unique opportunity for them to bond in person.

“By the end of the workshop, I realised that even though we belong to different corners of the world, we have so much in common when it comes to our culture, mindset and thought processes,” said Uday Hule. “We openly shared our ideas and challenges with each other and mutually concluded on effective action items that will help our teams stay engage and learn, perform and collaborate better”