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Denver Volunteers Help Mitigate Risk of Forest Fires at Three Sisters Park

ByJill Vitols

November 10, 2022

Colorado Quorum employees mixed their passion for the environment and sustainability, as well as their dedication to their community for their Q3 volunteer event. A team of six employees laced up their hiking boots and gathered at Three Sisters Park in Evergreen, Colorado, to perform fire mitigation maintenance for the area.

The high desert region experiences drought, high temperatures, and high winds – which combine to increase the chances of forest fires. Over the last decade, poor forest maintenance has led to some very large and damaging forest fires in and around the Denver area. Local government has recently returned to forest maintenance and fire mitigation to help maintain a healthy forest and reduce the chance of large fires spreading by removing the necessary fuel. 

The team took a break from their computer screens to enjoy fresh air and sunshine while they performed fire mitigation activities, including removing brush and smaller trees from beneath the canopy of larger trees. 

“Maintaining Colorado’s trails is incredibly important, particularly when it comes to sustainability,” said Derek Bammel. “This was a great opportunity to help the community in a special and uniquely indirect way. As a geologist, being outdoors and helping preserve the natural systems is foundationally important to me. Folks come to Colorado to experience its natural beauty, so being able to help aid in that maintenance was very special. I hope to make this a routine!”

Inspired by the beauty of their surroundings, the team closed the event with a hike up to the highest peak in the area to take in the gorgeous view.

“In addition to giving back to the community, this was a great event to enjoy the comradery with coworkers and meeting several new coworkers I don’t normally interact with,” said Eric Kasischke. “Also, the views and the hike weren’t too shabby!”