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Top-5 Online Resources for FLOWCAL users

ByJeff Belyeu

January 20, 2021

Check out the resources our team created for FLOWCAL Measurement and Field Apps at From articles to webinars, we’ve got the resources you need for measurement success.

1. FLOWCAL Support

First and foremost, our team of measurement experts is just a click or a call away. The Support portal has moved and is now available from under the Support menu. You can also log into it directly by visiting

The Support portal allows you to get help and find the latest product release notes for FLOWCAL Measurement and all of the Field Measurement Apps.

2. FLOWCAL Training Courses

Did you know that we offer FLOWCAL training online? Check out our complete list of FLOWCAL Measurement and Field Apps courses, now at Quorum University. Don’t forget to take advantage of our continuing education program through Texas A&M University-Kingsville, which is currently being offered free to FLOWCAL customers.

3. FLOWCAL Product Resources

Do you need information on FLOWCAL features, like how the software consolidates, validates, corrects, balances, and reports meter data for gas and liquids? Looking for the latest API Manual of Petroleum Measurement Standards? View our FLOWCAL product resources and learn why the industry continues to trust FLOWCAL for measurement—20 years and going strong.

4. Field Apps Resources

Data integrity starts in the field, and we have all the apps you need to manage gas and liquid meter inspections, samplings, and calibration events. Learn more about TESTit equipment calibration and testing, PROVEit liquid meter calibration, PYCit pycnometer calibration, the CALCit flow and quality calculator, and ANALYZEit for integrating gas and lab functions.

5. Measurement Articles

Visit our measurement blog for articles on product releases and industry news. The latest article by Anton Petrosyan, Products Director at Quorum Software, covers new integration between Quorum SCADA and FLOWCAL.

Continue to visit for additional resources since it will take the place of FLOWCAL as your source for all things measurement starting next month. If you have any questions about where to find information, email us at