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3 More Tips to Achieve Measurement Accuracy

ByBrian Sowell

January 31, 2022

We’ve said it before, but it can’t be stressed enough: accuracy is the most critical objective in oil and gas measurement. From reporting criteria, supported meter types, and industry calculations, our measurement experts at Quorum Software share even more tips on improving measurement accuracy for your gas and liquids. Read up on part 1, then follow along below:

1. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Reports

Have significant regulatory changes complicated compliance for your BLM land operators? Measurement Sales Director, Byron Saunders shows how FLOWCAL helps you with BLM reporting on an ad hoc or scheduled basis to meet your needs.

2. Component Volume and Mass Calculations

Measurement analysts deal with component volume and mass calculations when dealing with liquid systems. SME and Senior Manager for Products, George Barnes shows how FLOWCAL helps with component volume and mass calculations and allows analysts to view gains/losses for components.

3. Meter Types & Calculations

Whether you are working with orifice, Coriolis, turbine, ultrasonic, or positive displacement; Solutions Architect Jason Rigg shows how various metering types and calculations are supported in FLOWCAL.

Want to see how the industry is finding operational efficiencies by using their measurement technology? Watch this webinar to learn the value of measurement in oil and gas.


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