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Business Planning

Capture opportunities, evaluate investment scenarios, allocate capital and track progress against business goals using a single integrated suite built on unparalleled energy planning expertise. Connecting data from the reservoir to the boardroom.

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Planning Space

Planning, petroleum economics and financial forecasting workflows in an Integrated suite built on unparalleled energy planning expertise.  See how the full Planning Space suite will maximize value across your portfolio.


Create a single source of truth

Easily consolidate plans, scenarios, and opportunities from across your entire enterprise. From greenfield developments to mature opportunities, every department can collaborate with relevant, accurate data in a cloud-based system that gets teams operating in unison.

Make critical decisions faster

Significantly reduce planning cycle time and let your teams focus on higher-value work, rather than chasing data across departments and assets. Model any scenario in real-time with the most up-to-date, trustworthy data available.

Build a "Living Business Plan"

Create “Living Business Plans” with real-time data from all departments, spontaneous collaboration, and feedback loops that minimize risk and exposure. Evergreen data, updated in near real-time, ensure your plans are feasible today, and flexible for tomorrow.

Connect planning to performance

Drive continuous improvement across your organization by connecting planning with operational performance. Quickly understand what’s working or where you’re falling short, and adapt your strategies to meet the realities of today’s volatile markets.