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Asset Development Planning

From concept selection, to field development plans, to budget generation and stewardship reforecasting - produce achievable plans that adapt to market and field realities to enable faster deliverables, greater insight and improved decisions.


Built to help asset level planners, engineers and economists make the right decisions with accurate data and defensible field development models.

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A full-cycle asset exploration and development simulation system, engineers and planners can weigh the risks and rewards of multiple development options and the impact of resource constraints. 

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Design your Asset

Extract the maximum value out of your assets with the energy industry's leading solution for early stage asset planning, evaluation and risk assessment. Combining in-built flexibility and good defaults to streamline your input process, rapidly model any kind of project you may desire, be it offshore, onshort, green or brown fields with new developments or secondary recovery methods.

Manage your Asset

Equip your teams with comprehensive tools to build schedules, visualize activities and easily make updates as realities in the field change. Factor in more variables, dependencies and risks than any other system, to produce detailed planning models that are defensible, auditable and fully incorporate your constraints - allowing you to evaluate and prioritize flows across your field and identify non-linearities, avoiding the need for costly and unexpected debottlenecking capital projects.

Compare Strategies

Once the initial asset description is ready, easily define alternative development strategies with any level of complexity, and even families of strategies inheriting traits from parent ones. Investigate different outcomes between these strategies to find hybrid ones and improve the quality of your plans.

Integrate Risks and Uncertainty

Make Uncertainty a part of the model, integrating it through probability distributions on any variable in the system. Trial hundreds of development scenarios and their sensitivities towards identifying optimized plans that balance your specific risk/reward appetite, giving you quantified answers that you can trust.


Consider Every Option

Provide all multidisciplinary teams, including reservoir, marketing, production, facility and finance, shared access to field development plans, latest forecasts, budgets and roll-up reports based on actual multi-source data, current operations and scheduling - enabling all possible levers are available for silo-free decision making.

Work Within an Integrated Ecosystem

Whether it is incorporating the latest decline information from Technical Forecasting, synthesizing short term Execution activities with your current field development plans or submitting those plans and their associated budgets to your Corporate Planning - Quorum's Energy Suite simplifies interactions across tools, saving you time and the risk of data translation or copy/paste errors.

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