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Energy Components
Pipeline Management

Plan large and complex pipeline distribution networks with expert efficiency with Energy Components Pipeline Management.

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Optimize distribution through pipelines

Pipeline operators get actionable advice for improving their operations, decision support, optimization, and other key capabilities.


Pipeline Dispatch Optimization

Dedicated workspace to plan large and complex pipeline distribution networks.

Grid Constraints Management

Identify the optimal mode for the pipeline grid delivering oil and gas considering the variable and fixed parameters that affect the grid.

Pipeline Routing Optimization

Identify the optimal route for your hydrocarbons to pass through the pipeline grid reducing operational costs and ensuring operational robustness.

Pipeline Management

Schedule and allocate all aspects of pipeline dispatch operations.

Gas Dispatching

Improve tracking of gas through the pipeline with Energy Components Pipeline Management.

Pathed Nomination Models

View and enter nominations in pathed nomination matrix screens allow for ease of entering complex nominations.

Transport Zone

Provides greater support for operators with a wider range of pipeline grid services to their shippers.

A Dedicated Workspace to Plan Large and Complex Pipeline Distribution Networks Efficiently

Energy Components Pipeline Management facilitates optimized robust plans contributing to increased profitability and minimizing curtailment needs.

Energy Components Pipeline Management


Enhanced Line Pack Calculation Methods

Operate with better data accuracy from our enhanced line pack calculation methods.

Better Curtailment Decisions

Make better decisions with respect to curtailments using our expert embedded algorithms.

Fast Decision Support and Scenario Analysis

Overlook multiple scenarios quickly to make faster decisions with confidence.

Energy Components Hydrocarbon Management

For more than three decades, Energy Components by Quorum Software has been the industry’s flagship solution for production reporting, allocation, and hydrocarbon accounting. With 650 licenses installed in 55 countries, Energy Components manages a significant portion of the world’s production of hydrocarbons, making it the global industry leader.

All operators need to keep records of extractions from the reservoirs, the amount consumed, re-injected, or disposed of, and the delivery and transport of oil and gas to buyers and other facilities. Energy Components strengthens upstream and midstream businesses by offering fully integrated functionality that supports hydrocarbon accounting, integrated asset modeling, optimization, forecasting, and decision support.

Energy Components Hydrocarbon Management