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New Software Release

Merak 2022.1 is Now Available

Date: 16 December, 2022

Release Updates

The latest version of Merak Planning, Risk and Reserves software has been released with usability, and functionality improvements as follows:

  1. Enhanced Peep Result Set Administration to include time series variables, specify periodicity and easier navigation to add multiple variables into the result set.
  2. Enhanced Peep Import/Export feature to include select/deselect all document option along with modifications to replace existing documents during import.
  3. Enhanced Batch, Consolidation and Schedule Documents to display count and type of individual documents to easily identify the number of documents added to the group documents.
  4. Enhanced Peep Risk and Monte Carlo tab to include delays in sensitivity and Monte Carlo analysis. Monte Carlo charts have been improved for better readability.
  5. Enabled Search Functionality in Batch, Consolidation and Schedule documents to allow user to quickly search and add documents to the group documents.
  6. Enhanced Peep Model to include an option not to sum custom columns when running consolidations for “Sum case input values, then calculate” option.

There have been a few issues resolved for the current release as follows:

  1. Enabled automatic update or remove Peep model variable from Peep reports whenever a model variable is updated or deleted from the model.
  2. Enabled the sensitization of Custom and Opcost Variables linked to Global Data in Peep Risk Sensitivity Analysis and DTK Sensitivity analysis.
  3. Fixed the Peep Model Logic PrevPeriodCalc function to work with IF statement.
  4. Fixed the Before and After-Tax Internal Rate of Return to return "No Solution" in ATROR and BTROR Message variables if the ROR falls below 0 or more than 800.
  5. Fixed the Peep forecast segment to include reporting parameters for first two segments of forecast in Peep report section and result set.
  6. Fixed the Peep Excel Loader where data upload was overwriting data for the years where values are not specified in the excel template.
  7. Fixed Peep Case to be updated with new imported model if the case is not closed during the import process.
  8. Fixed Consolidation > Tax tab where Peep Window for selecting Case Script/Template was unexpectedly popped up.
  9. Fixed the Peep Leave/Truncate option to maintain data until the end of array.
  10. Added the missing production variables (Ethane rate and Gas2 rate) for import and export operation In Peep Excel Loader Plugin.
  11. Following SDK methods were enhanced:
    • Corrected 'SetScheduleModel' method to validate the input model and assign it to the scheduler document.
    • Corrected 'SetScheduleDiscDateYear' method to validate the input year and set the discount date year value to the scheduler document.
    • Corrected 'SetScheduleDiscDateMonth' method to validate the input month and set the discount date month value to the scheduler document.

Get Started

Be among the first to use Merak 2022.1 by downloading the release installer at the Software Download Center.

Licensing Information

Merak 2022.1 requires the installation of Schlumberger License Server 2021.1. Refer to the Schlumberger Licensing User Guide for more information.

More Information

Beginning July 1, 2022, Merak 2017.1, Merak 2017.2 and Merak 2017.2.1 will no longer be supported.

Contact Information

Nishant Pathak, Product Manager (