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Right of Way

Optimize routes, capture, and manage all land research & ownership with Right of Way, our centralized, purpose-built solution. Best-in-class functionalities prevent missed deadlines and empower integrated teams— today and in the future/p>

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Streamline the Right of Way Process

Expedite all pre-construction land activities with purpose-built project management software. Capture real-time insights and ensure data integrity with automated data entry workflows.


Centralized Project Management

Capture and access agreement data from one source, set milestones and progress dates, and manage and delegate tasks and set due dates.

Manage Payments and Obligations Online

Never miss a deadline with a calendar view. Right of Way helps you stay alert with electronic notifications and set approval workflow and thresholds.

Simplify Title Management

Avoid complexity and reduce legal costs. Track and reuse previously recorded title information and digitize the entire process.

Manage Relationships and Interactions

Track all landowner details online, associate details to parcels and agreements, and upload documents specific to the contact (e.g. W-9).

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