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Upstream On Demand

Leverage the ease and power of the cloud to maximize efficiency from the field to the office with Upstream on Demand. Connect your teams with decision-ready data from a single integrated suite for well operations, accounting, land, production, and centralized document management.

Rely On a Simple Solution

Connect your teams and systems with data sharing anywhere. Upstream On Demand offers advanced features like daily drilling reports, SCADA, field data capture, production allocations, land management, financial accounting, revenue, and division order.

On Demand Land

Streamline land management processes and maximize oversight with a cloud-based platform that gives you flexibility on data conversions, reporting, and mapping.

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On Demand Accounting

Modernize your back office with a comprehensive cloud-based accounting system purpose-built for oil and gas to streamline your daily energy accounting activities.

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On Demand Well Operations

Make confident decisions during every phase of the well lifecycle with cloud-native automated drilling, completion, and workover reporting.


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On Demand Production Operations

Increase field productivity and decrease LOE with a single cloud-based solution for SCADA, field data capture, and production allocations.

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We Are on this Journey Together

Full Turnkey Upstream Solution

Upstream On Demand is the first complete O&G suite built natively in the cloud. Capitalize on your technology assets by investing once in a fully integrated solution that scales to meet your business needs

Intuitive Design

Seamless enhancements delivered to the platform with zero downtime so that you are always on the same version of the software as your industry peers, never paying for a future version upgrade.

Safety, Security & Experience

As the first cloud based and SOC compliant suite, our solution provides reliability and peace of mind to operators making the shift. Protect your data with enterprise-scale security and backup protocols.

Your Data, Your Way

Get decisions in hours. Liberate your data with API-first solutions and self-service BI that refreshes your data from your computer without even logging in.

Continuous Delivery of Innovation

Open yourself up to the possibility of digital transformation by selecting a platform that speaks a modern language, is innovative, and proven.

Your Success is Our Passion

Relationships are built on accountability and trust for a proactive approach to delivering solutions. Our Customer Success provides O&G industry experts that exceed NPS and CSAT benchmarks every year.

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