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Eliminate bottlenecks and collaboratively manage Authorization for Expenditures (AFE) in Execute, a single platform connecting accounting and field operations for real-time and up-to-date project spending information.

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Streamline Your Oil and Gas
AFE Management Workflows

Execute AFE is the leading oil and gas AFE management platform for integrated AFE management and reporting. It seamlessly brings capital management and tracking systems together while connecting operations with accounting teams for crystal clear visibility into project spending.


Connected AFE Management and Workflows

Streamline the AFE process from creation through approval, eliminating bottlenecks and saving valuable time.

Seamless Enterprise Workflows

Ideal for AFE management, creation, and approval workflows. Data is securely linked with all accounting software platforms and drilling and well management systems. Electronically exchange AFEs with partners.

Custom Notification and Emails

Notify key stakeholders of relevant AFE details to keep them in the loop. Fully customize the criteria for what triggers an alert, who receives it, and what’s included in the email.

75% Faster Approvals

Improve spending controls and avoid cost overruns. Companies using Quorum AFE report approval times up to 75% faster.

Execute Platform

Integrated Modules

Execute AFE is one of four modules available in the Execute application. Take advantage of additional efficiencies by consolidating capital management and well delivery workflows within the same application.

Capital Budgeting and Forecasting Module

Leverage the Capital Budgeting module to combine AFE management with capital budgeting and tracking. Combine the actual spend tracked against AFEs with remaining capital forecasts at a project level to gain a comprehensive understanding of your budget.

Well Delivery Module

AFE generation and approval is part of a larger well readiness process. The Well Delivery module in Execute provides a highly configurable readiness workflow that can seamlessly create AFEs to ensure traceability and reduce redundant data entry.

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