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Integrate Upstream for Better Data, Faster Insights, and Leaner Operations

Unify exploration, drilling, production, and accounting functions in a single software suite that delivers accurate decision-ready reporting and reduces BOE costs.

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One Platform. One Company. One Upstream.

Upstream oil and gas companies are increasingly discovering that outdated legacy systems can lead to result in poor business decisions based on inaccurate information, and processes are dragging down productivity, rather than driving it. Quorum has the answers. Quorum’s Upstream oil and gas software delivers centralized and easy to understand data to reduce manual efforts and provides pervasive, enterprise-wide access to contextually relevant and consistent information.

Unique Differentiators

Make Better Decisions

Embed quality, consumable, real-time data into the decision-making process with easy-to-use tools that enable you to make the right call about wells, opportunities, and the company.

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Trust Your Results

Reduce data and process duplication for more accurate information, and spend less time and effort closing books and reporting to stakeholders, all thanks to a platform of shared data.

Increase Agility

Adapt for the Future

Regardless of where the market and technology go, an investment in the flexible, adaptable myQuorum platform provides you’re a bridge to the future and a foundation for growth.

Integrated Upstream Software

Our upstream oil and gas software shares a singular user experience and consistent, consumable data to provide timely and actionable information across the company.

We power it all with a purpose-built platform.

myQuorum is the industry-leading, cloud-based, oil and gas software platform empowering companies to meet their short and long-term goals. The platform enables enterprise integration; drives faster deployment; and gives you access to clean, consistent, and consumable data; so you can:

Make decisions faster and confidently.

Collaborate more effectively.

Empower your users.

Lower your IT overhead.

Reduce workforce transition costs.

Start your company’s next evolution.

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