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Balance net-zero targets and energy security with a complete commodity management solution to improve processes for execution, automation, optimization, and tracking of production, transport, sales, and revenue.

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Energy Accounting Software for the Global Hydrogen Economy

A key strength of Energy Components is the agnostic approach to business processes in the energy value chain. Regardless of the source, a broad range of energy carriers, raw materials, and byproduct custom solutions can be incorporated to refine and execute hydrogen production operations.


Green Hydrogen Production Management

Energy Components accounts for and manages quantities of produced hydrogen to provide traceable and auditable insights on key elements throughout the entire production process, its environmental footprint, and efficiency.

Blue Hydrogen Production Management

Use measurement data to execute specific allocations throughout the entire production process of an SMR plant. Specific functionality is available to handle carbon capture, transport, and processing.

Transportation & Storage

Energy Components supports all processes for the transport and storage for hydrogen such as pipeline nominations and allocations, cargo planning, scheduling, and terminal operations.

Emission Monitoring

Monitoring, accounting, and reporting of distinct emissions and by-products from different production methods are supported by Energy Components including CO, CO2, NOx, residual hydrocarbons, inert gases, oxygen, and wastewater.

Carbon Intensity Allocation and Footprint Documentation

Track and calculate the complete carbon intensity of the hydrogen value chain including emissions from feedstock, hydrogen production, transport, storage, and distribution. Calculations are fully auditable for certification processes.

Commercial Management

Using a flexible contract concept, sales nominations, deliveries, and transport processes are managed in the solution with built-in entitlement calculations and ownership allocation functionality for joint ventures or other forms of shared infrastructure.

Pricing, Invoicing, and Revenue Accounting

With automated invoice processing and revenue recognition from various products and services, Energy Components supports the complete hydrogen production value chain from feedstock to accounting.


Complete Hydrogen Portfolio Management

A single application instance, which can be hosted by Quorum, and used for all sizes of operation from a single hydrogen facility to the complete portfolio of a company.

Proven technology

Energy Components is the market leader in the upstream and midstream energy industry for the most comprehensive hydrocarbon accounting and commercial management solution.

Plant Management and CMMS

Gain insights from operational reporting of a range of information such as production & by-product quantities, commercial transactions, environmental impact, efficiency, and performance. Optimize and schedule maintenance plans accordingly.

Configuration Driven

Flexibility is a core strength, enabling a vast range of configuration options, low-effort, high-impact customizations and can easily enable quick adaptation to new domains and market changes in the energy industry.

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