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Energy Transition

We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint and transforming our business to support the clean energy transition for a sustainable future, while empowering our customers to do the same through innovative solutions within our portfolio.

Quorum Energy Suite

Your Partner in the Energy Transition

We are committed to delivering innovative solutions that accelerate sustainability at scale for energy companies around the world. Our portfolio within the Quorum Energy Suite supports key energy transition objectives in the areas of planning, emissions management, carbon capture, low-carbon alternatives, and renewable energy.

Corporate Planning and Strategy

Energy companies need solid yet flexible planning more than ever to negotiate their transition journey. Quorum delivers a single integrated suite that allows you to seize investment opportunities while balancing challenges of growth, stability, and sustainability.

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Environment and Emissions Management

Monitor and reduce hydrocarbon environmental footprints while automating emission calculations with Energy Components, our environment and emissions management solutions.

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Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage

From defining your strategy to managing your carbon reservoirs, Quorum solutions can help with your carbon management strategy, business operations & accounting, and carbon resources storage management.

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Hydrogen and RNG

Alternative fuels can be a good way to reduce carbon emissions in meeting your organizational business goals. Discover how Quorum solutions provide accurate biogas measurement and can advance harnessing the full value chain of hydrogen.

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Utility Scale Renewables

Take advantage of soaring demand and long-term incentives by facilitating growth of your renewable energy portfolio. Improve scale and efficiency for land management and offshore logistics for impactful business operations.

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Energy Transition Guide for Operators

Discover what oil and gas companies are doing to shift their operations, maximize productivity and create value while transitioning to a low-carbon, and new-energy future.

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Jumpstart Your Emissions Compliance

Find out what you need to know and get advice from the experts to jump start your efforts to meet the latest regulations for emissions compliance.

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Evolution with Purpose

We're digitally transforming the business of energy and arming our customers with innovative solutions that reduce risk, gain better overall visibility of their business, and prepare for a sustainable future.