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On Demand SCADA

Reduce asset overhead and minimize risk with a cloud-based SCADA system that eliminates IT costs and natively integrates with Quorum's On Demand Production Operations application for field data capture.

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Automate Dataflow from the Wellhead to Operations

Decrease unnecessary site visits by remotely monitoring your equipment and flow rates. Be alerted by configurable alarms to remotely control and automate field data capture with On Demand SCADA. Lower LOE and reduce downtime all in one place.


Place for All Your Production Data


Customer Satisfaction Rate


Application Uptime


Monitor Wells in Real-Time

Access critical well data from anywhere and share it with field users.

Integrate Field Activity

Pair daily SCADA values automatically with lease operator information.

Set Custom Alarms

Send out alerts, texts, and calls with robust and reliable alarms.

Built-in Trending

Out-of-the box trending to help you visualize your data and identify your issues quicker.

Track Flow Variances

Spot data outside of normal ranges to resolve issues faster.

View Dyna Cards

See which wells need attention to prevent damage to field equipment.

Optimize Plunger Lift

Review plunger performance and make changes right from your desk.

Manage Communications Remotely

Configure and update communication protocols to keep wells online.

Benefits of On Demand SCADA

Operate by Exception

Reduce miles travelled and concentrate on wells that need attention.

Produce Trustworthy Results

Understand what drives well performance with a full view of production volumes, downtime, and field activity.

Do More With Less

Respond to issues quickly with real-time data, configurable alarms, and visualizations that let you review large amounts of data quickly.

Integrated with On Demand Production Operations

Eliminate the need for disparate systems with native integration to field data capture, production allocation, and regulatory reporting.

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